children's, youth & families worker

Children, Youth & Families Workers are those involved in helping the church serve families and young people in their community. There is a diverse range of ways people might be involved in this type of ministry, from running Sunday school, Messy Church or youth groups, to going into local schools and working with young people out in the community.

Connecting with all ages of our communities.


Naomi Wood

Diocese of Bangor

Who am I and what do I do?
My name is Naomi Wood and I am one of several Children’s, Youth and Families Ministry Enablers in Bangor Diocese. The role draws alongside churches and helps them to further develop existing, and establish new ministries with children, young people and families. Each of the CYFMEs in the Diocese has very different skills and experience, but all share a passion for children, young people and families.

Training/Qualification to do the role
I do have a background in education which has helped me in my role, but this is by no means a requirement of the job.

What Ministry means to me
‘Seeing whole families coming together to worship God and learn more about Him is such an incredible privilege, who wouldn’t want to be a part of this?’